• James Grayson

The Padilla and Medlin Families

Earlier this year some friends adopted two brothers into two families. Both of these families are truly amazing. The boys are enjoying their new BIG extended family because these adoptions forever linked them together. One of the moms submitted the photo below to Adoptive Families magazine for their annual Cover Photo Contest. Over the years a handful of my photos have been published but this one in particular is extra special! The photo didn't win the Grand Prize but it did make the other 8 Finalists out of over 1,200 entries so they published it along with the others. It was an honor and a blessing to be able to capture this moment for them and I look forward to seeing these boys thrive and become great men!

And here is the new BIG extended family (missing the oldest sister). I envision many loud and wonderful memories in their future!

To see the rest of the finalists and the Grand Prize winner click to head over to Adoptive Families magazine!


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